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June 21, 2013


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How to be a more reputable whiner

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 21, 2013, 11:55 AM

Hi guys! I'm still out of town and away from my computer, but I've got a bit of internet connectivity going on so I figured I'd write a journal.

During this past week, I've noticed that two things happened that have captured my interest: News regarding the XBone, and dA's new beta system for writing comments. Both of these have one thing in common: A lot of people whined or are whining about it. 

Now if you didn't know, the XBone is Microsoft's new console that was announced at e3 (or an earlier games conference, I forgot which) that got a SHIT-TON of negative feedback since it didn't have backwards compatibility, it required a fee to be payed if you wanted to share or lend games with a friend, it required you to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours (which would be problematic for those who have limited access to the internet), and it required the kinect, which could theoretically be used in a 1984-esque "Big Brother" way of spying on you. 

Needless to say, very few people were actually pleased with this. Lots of people complained, and just a few days ago, Microsoft changed the XBone to comply to these complaints. 

Shifting gears to the new dA commenting system in Beta testing, basically dA wants to change the comments to work with using Writer. Some of the features that come with it are pretty cool (you can use thumbnails in comments and you can also use the full version of Muro in areas that allow it) but it's rather buggy and there are some aspects of this feature that a lot of people (including myself, for some of them) don't like. You can read more about it here.

So of course, people started complaining. The comments right now seem fairly positive for the most part, but when the journal was first posted, I saw a lot of "THIS IS SHIT, DA. CHANGE IT BACK BECAUSE FUCK YOU" comments. 

This isn't the only time this has happened. Almost every time dA has changed a feature, there have ALWAYS been people who voiced their displeasure at the change. The reasons for their displeasure usually vary widely, whether it's because it causes lag, it leaves something open for exploitation, or just because it was different.

Anyway, this is getting to be longer than I expected, but my point is that there are two ways of voicing your complaints: There's a way that will get people to take you seriously, and there's a way that will make people look at your comment and think "oh look, it's another whiner."

Clearly, nobody wants to be a whiner.

I've noticed that whenever I'm reading comments on a change log, I always pay more attention to the people who have more to say. And by "more to say," I don't mean more words-- I mean more substance. If a person is able to clearly describe what it is that bothers them and uses ethos, pathos, and logos to do so, that person is more likely to be taken seriously.

On the other hand, if a person is only able to say "THIS IS HORRIBLE. YOU ARE HORRIBLE TOO AND THIS CHANGE IS A PILE OF SHIT. IT IF AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT" to voice their complaints, it's MUCH easier to simply dismiss them as being one of "those" people who complain for the sake of complaining. Or, to put it into a more visual sense:

So how can you get people to take your complaints more seriously? Simple. Do less screaming and more reasoning. People often forget that the magical force behind creating the new features on dA (or any medium for that matter) is a bunch of people, like you and me. You wouldn't go to someone's deviation, find a thing you don't like about it, then tell them it's a pile of shit and that they should go die, would you? (well, some people would, but that's another story.) 

Instead, treat your comments like a well-structured critique: Start by finding something you LIKE about it and acknowledge that (and if you honest-to-goodness cannot, then skip that part), then state what you think could use some work. After that, suggest what they can do to fix it, and not just some half-assed comment like "make it better." Put some thought into it; remember that they're only human and they make mistakes like we do.

TL;DR: Your complaints are more likely to be taken seriously if you're able to actually put more thought into your writing. "THIS IS SHITTY AND FUCK YOU" comments will just make you look like an idiot.

medli20 awaaaaaaaayyyyyy! *whoosh*
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CrappyBlueLuigi Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
medli20 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Not a problem! ;)
ShiftyCheesecake Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I work at gamestop and it makes me really sad when people come in complaining about the X1. I mean, I wasn't happy about it either, but there is tons of cool things that the X1 is bringing. There is tons of missinformation being spread on the internet, and it makes me frustrated when everyone reads everything they find on the internet, because it's not always true.
medli20 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'll admit, I'm not 100% up-to-date on the XB1, but the articles and posts I've read concerning it did seem to come from what appeared to be reputable sources. I could be wrong, though.

Still, my point in writing this journal wasn't to talk about the XB1; it was to illustrate how change can occur if there is enough negative feedback, but well-constructed critique is more likely to generate change than empty whining. 
ShiftyCheesecake Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, I know :) haha I was just making a statement I guess haha
Delet-ed Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
Personally I'm tired of them adding new features when they're not even focusing on the crap we've suggested. What about the ability to make a profit from our points, without people commissioning us? I never said I was against the 20% crap, but when they decide to punish those that want to make a profit off of their points, then i think something is backward. If you're making 20% of a profit off of all point exchanges, then frik'n allow us to do it.

Personally comments don't need to be changed right now. There's other things to focus on.
medli20 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
By the way, I saw that you're taking a hiatus. I sincerely hope things are going well for you! Don't stress yourself out too much, and come back when you're good and ready, okay? Try not to let people into pressuring you to come back before you feel comfortable.

Take care. :hug:
Hidden by Owner
Delet-ed Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
Yeah, I am. Pretty much for the reason I stated above. Just annoyed with DA and their policies. Since I can't do crap about it, I'm going to spend all my points and leave.

I wanted to commission you however, before I left. I know you're full so I'll just wait.
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